A leader in developing DSP applications for human communication.

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The principle of "ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION" guides Micro-DSP to create a full line of assistive technologies and products for the better life of those suffering from communicative disorders. Our vision is to become a leading supplier of communicative enhancement instruments and services in the world.

About us

Micro-DSP Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 by Dr. Robert McRae, the founder of C.I. Mutual Funds and other well-known companies in Canada. The mission of Micro-DSP is to develop DSP based products to meet the needs of the health care industry. The potential markets include hearing aids, speech correction devices, noise cancellation applications, personal digital assistants...

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Innovations by Excellence

Audiologic Evaluation Instruments

TinniTest is an all-in-one digital instrument for hearing and tinnitus diagnosis and management.

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Hearing Instruments

Simplia Trimmer based Mini BTE is 100% digital but can be adjusted quickly and easily in the traditional way by adjusting the available trimmers - no computer or fitting software is needed.

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Tinnitus Treatment Devices

Sound therapy has been used for treating tinnitus for a long time and can effectively mitigate tinnitus and reduce tinnitus irritation of patients.

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